Human Centered Designer


"A story can feel hollow without an experience to back it up, similarly experience without a story can feel empty."

Live from the stage/my workspace


I'm a huge proponent of research led, human centered design.  Getting to the core of connected products and services is hard without users to help find truth along the way. I enjoy both the systematic and the storytelling of design and bring over twenty years of experience as a Motion Graphics designer for Feature Film and TV, Interface designer, and User Experience Designer to bear on the projects I collaborate on. I'm inspired by brilliant thinking, new ideas, and great craft. I merge my multidisciplinary design experience and creative thinking to conceptualize, create, and deliver integrated design solutions.

I believe in talent. Surrounding myself with some of the best designers, creative thinkers and systematic problem solvers over the past few years has taught me that the perspective gained as a team far outweighs any one persons ability to deliver a solution. I've also made some really smart friends along the way.

I've consulted on some of Europe's largest interactive design projects for Vodafone, Citigroup, Aon, Heineken, AIB, helping to create impactful experiences on a global scale.

I've left agency and consulting work behind for now and gone to work product side more recently helping out as a Product Designer hre at Workday